About Rahaman Bin Ujit

Quick Details of Rahaman Bin Ujit

Nickname: RBU

Date of Birth: 05 November 2003

Age: 16 Years

Profession: Digital Marketing consultant, YouTube, Blogger, Graphics Designer.

Hometown: Basirhat

Nationality: Indian (Rahaman Bin Ujit is Muslim but believes in oneness)

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color: Black

Family Members
  • His father’s name is MD Ujit Ali.
  • His mother’s name is sorry, I can't reveal it for now.
  • His brother’s name is sorry, I can't reveal it for now.
  • Rahaman loves to sing, learn new things, drawing
  • Try something different 
  • Video games

  • He believes the best utilization of free time is self-improving yourself and developing a new skill.


 Height & Weight
  • Height – 5 ft. 2 inches
  • Weight Keeps on changing (Ranges between 40-50)
Digital Marketing Consultant
I give consultant for new business.

Quick Introduction of Rahaman Bin Ujit

Quick Introduction of Rahaman Bin Ujit

Rahaman Bin Ujit is an awesome happy worker. Hey, I am Rahaman Bin Ujit and I am the founder of "Techno Rahaman". I am a Social Media Communicator, Blogger, Video Editor, Web Designer, Graphic designer, Photographer, Influencer, etc. Currently, I am working for my own brand called "Techno Rahaman". Digital Marketing and Knowledge Sharing is my passion. I am doing these things for the last 2 years and I genuinely feel I can add value to your life. Videos Topic: Tech, Social Media Communication, Blogger, Wordpress, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Seo, Editing, Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Online Earning, Ads, Graphic Designing, etc. Meanwhile was putting out free content on youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Snapchat, blog, Quora, Pinterest, anchor, etc & building my brand & managing freelancing projects too!

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