This App Lets You Open Your Favorite Apps with a Single Swipe

We have seen loads of custom mechanical man launchers that supply a very totally different look &feel to your smartphone. However, there aren’t several apps that increase the practicality of your current launcher and fortuitously, Zone Launcher is one in every one of them. Zone Launcher allows you to access your favorite apps with an easy swipe gesture. The launcher works by requiring users to vertically swipe on the sting of the screen. The app allows you to select the sting you discover the foremost comfy to succeed in for. In my case, I’ve chosen center-right because of the trigger space. In doing so, the quick access applications will show up and the app you need will open when you point to the app’s icon and lift your finger. This is quite intuitive because it doesn't damage any of the navigation gesture implementations of OEMs I’m responsive to.

You can choose the apps that you would like to see when you open Zone launcher as you can see in the below image. You can even customize the number of rows and columns you need in the app. If you are too lazy to choose your favorite apps, you can use the alphabetical index present inside Zone launcher’s UI to find your desired app. Cool, right?

The customizability does not stop here. There is an option to choose the theme and accent color of the app, choose the icon pack, size, and position of app labels. You can also set your own pictures as the background when the app opens up. However, you will need to purchase the full version that costs Rs.50 to access all customization features.

Download Zone Launcher (Free)

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