iPhone SE2 Price In India & Launch Date Confirmed 2019

The widely suspected iPhone SE2 might be just around the corner; here’s everything we know of till now.
The last iPhone SE was Apple’s billet-doux to the iPhone four, a smartphone-style that lasted for many years before paving thanks to the larger iPhones we all know nowadays.
From all the rumors getting more and more heated up, it’s time we get a new iPhone SE version; namely – iPhone SE2.

Rumors and Expectations

Note – Apple has neither confirmed nor hinted the unveiling of iPhone SE 2, everything you read in this post is based on rumors, speculations and insider tips. It will not be till Apple reveals the iPhone SE a pair of unharnessing date – if such a factor is supposed to be – that we’ll apprehend all of those details for certain. It’s probably that AN early 2020 reveal date is so as. Based on our analysis, we can suggest a likely iPhone SE 2 Apple event reveal the date of March 23, 2020. It’s likely that an iPhone SE 2 revealed on March 23 would then have a pre-order date of March 25, 2020.
Those details would then indicate an iPhone SE 2 release date on April 3, 2020. But plans might modification before the date of the aforementioned event – we tend to shall see! There is also speculation that Spring 2020 might see iPhone SE2 finally being unveiled (it will also match the previous iPhone SE launch date).

iPhone SE2 Specifications

All in a small shell here, the iPhone SE two – or “iPhone 9” because it may be known as – is reported to possess a four.7-inch show. This iPhone SE 2 specifications also include a new A13 chip, Touch ID (fingerprint scanner), a single camera on the back, and 3GB RAM inside. The iPhone SE two can possible are available silver, space gray, and red casing colours, and can have an Associate in Nursing industrial style, not unlike the iPhone 8. Quote; this new iPhone SE 2 is widely suspected to not look like the iPhone SE, but instead to have a look like the iPhone 8 and a set of parts similar to that same device. It’ll have 3GB RAM, minimum internal storage of 64GB, and a max of 128GB.
It has been suggested more than once, that the new iPhone SE 2 will cost approximately $399 USD. That’d fit right in with the chart for mobile price spread right now – replacing the iPhone SE and standing firm against the Google Pixel 3a (and eventual Pixel 4a, also from Google). The new iPhone SE two (or iPhone nine, if you prefer), can quite a possible price but the phone it’s meant to exchange.
All-in-all, we can only wait and speculate the coming of iPhone SE 2. It might even turn out that the new Apple device we were suspecting to be iPhone SE 2, turns out to be a downgraded version of the iPhone 11. Well, these are all the speculations; what are your take on the new Apple iPhone SE2 (or iPhone 9)?

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